Top 10 Soccer League

Soccer LeagueSoccer is probably the most favorite and popular game next to basketball. Which soccer league is the best for you? Do you have a favorite league which you call as “my soccer league?” A nonstop debate will definitely materialize to answer the question of what is the best world professional soccer league. Every soccer team represents a country and definitely, they will never let their country down when speaking of who is the best. So instead of debating on which world soccer league is the best, just learn this top 10 soccer leagues according to statistics in no particular order as every year there’s a new ranking among the following leagues.

• English Premier League. From England, the English Premier League provides popular soccer teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and others. The largest advantage of EPL from other leagues is on balance and parity. Even though EPL does not have plenty of skilled players, a lot of star players like Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez play there. Compared to other leagues too, English Premier League has more viewers all over the world, making them generate more money.

• Italian Serie A. Italian Serie A has a lot of talented and skilled soccer players. Ever since the test of time, Italy has been a major powerhouse when it comes to football. Some of the great players in this league include Ignazio Abate, Carlos Teves and Jose Callejon.

• MLS or Major League Soccer is making abuzz in the US, most particularly among young Americans. Some of the popular players in US soccer teams include Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan and Bradley Wright-Phillips. They dominate games, making them popular not only on their teams but also to the whole MLS. From the US, MLS spans across Canada and other neighboring regions of America. However, even though MLS is getting a waving popularity in the US, it is still a very domestic game. Good thing ambitious recruitment projects are giving hope to the soccer fans in the US. Jermain Defoe recently signed for the FC Toronto; Thierry Henry is still enjoying his stay at New York Red Bulls while David Beckham used to work for LA Galaxy.

• Bundesliga. Bundesliga is Germany’s soccer league. Most prominent players in this league include Kevin De Bruyne, Mario Gotze and Shinji Okazaki. Also, Bundesliga offers strong clubs like Bayern Munich and other notable teams like Borussia Dortmund. While Bundesliga does not get the same number of viewers and produce the same profits as EPL, their team plays and competitiveness during contests are applauded and are among the best.

• Argentine Primera. Over the years, The Argentine Primera has been on the hotspot when speaking of football talent. They help young stars be like those who are already superstars in the league so that they can be apt to compete from other football teams in other leagues in other parts of the globe. This domestic league has significantly gown along with the Argentinian economy. Lionel Messi is one of the most popular names in Argentine Primera.

Ukrainian Premier League. In the recent years, UPL struggled to surpass the European Championship League. Luckily, they have made an impact but not that strong though. They defeated and made Arsenal and Chelsea in shock as Ukrainian giants Shakhtar Donetsk dominated their games. When you hear of UPL, there is so much entertainment involved which makes everyone excited whenever teams of the league play.

• Brasileirao. This league is another giant when it comes to soccer. They boast major soccer league players like Ronaldinho and Atletico Minerio.

• Eredivise. This Dutch league is a hotbed when speaking of foot balling talent. However, never did the league make it on the top 5 leagues in Europe. They were always next to major leagues like EPL. Nonetheless, this does not mean they would no longer do well in games. In fact, their reputation in football in applauding. Every game, they do impressive goal scores.

• Liga MX. Liga MX has been divided into two team divisions, the clausura and apertura. Some of the teams in Apertura include Santos Laguna, America and Toluca. They are notable for scoring more than thirty attractive goals in 17 games only. One thing’s that great about Liga MX is the fact that they have team representatives competing in the CONCACAF Champions League as well as in Copa Libertadores.

• La Liga. La Liga is Spain’s world soccer league. Ever since, Spain has been considered as a 2 or 3-club league. Three of the best teams in La Liga include Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico. These three are known for their continental wins. Scoring goals is a piece of cake of these three clubs. Sevilla and Valencia have a big contribution to make La Liga earn their high rank in world soccer. These two became popular as they won group titles in the Europa League, making La Liga a superior threat to other leagues playing for competitions.